How to make a complaint

If you are a Member of The Adam Centre you have the right to complain about the Service provided. If you have been refused the opportunity of attending The Adam Centre as a Member you may also ask the reason why.

You can make your complaint to The Adam Centre Manager or the Chairperson by using this form. You can also ask some-one else to make your complaint for you.

You are entitled to contact Care Inspectorate at any time. You do not have to make the complaint to your Care provider (in this instance The Adam Centre).

The Adam Centre Board of Directors would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have to improve our Centre’s service.

Centre Manager: Mrs Irene Mitchell

Chairperson: Mrs Anne Reoch

Day Care Telephone Number: 01674 672062

What happens next?

Your complaint will be dealt with promptly and confidentially.

Details of your grievance will be noted, and you will receive written acknowledgement together with a copy of your complaint. You will receive a written answer within 28 days.

If you are not satisfied with the answer to your complaint, you will have the right to have your complaint reviewed by the full Board of Directors.

If you are still dissatisfied, you may appeal to:

Lindsey Foreman
Angus Health & Social Care Partnership
New Road

Tel: 07545 483871

Care Inspectorate
Compass House
Discovery Quay
11 Riverside Drive

Tel: 01382 2072000

The Adam Centre welcomes any complaints from Members or their Carers, however, you can also contact either of the above bodies directly.

Download Complaint Form